Looking for High-Intensity Tracks for Sports Coverage

Looking For: Action Sports tracks with high energy that really make you want to move. Think of the kinds of songs that would work for ESPN NFL, NBA, MLS, etc... Intensity, power and pride are all emotions that we want to evoke with these tracks.

Description: A music publisher is looking to sign and pitch high-energy action sports instrumentals. If selected, you'll be asked to sign an exclusive publishing deal and the publisher will be pitching the song for placement in media projects, beginning with this one.

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NYC Based Makeup Artist Looking For Promo Music

Looking for: MakeupByGHOUL is seeking promotional music for videos, and/or website.

This NYC based makeup artist will be starting a youtube channel for tutorials and has a pretty strong internet following and status as is. Please view attached videos for reference to understand types of visuals or music. Looking for instrumentals or ambient sounds as well as upbeat, lively, powerful statement songs. All genres welcome to submit.



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Commercial Needs Happy Instrumentals

Looking for: Legacy Life Insurance is dedicated to establishing affordable policies with the nation's top providers. Our client is looking for happy mid-tempo instrumentals to be used as background music in a series of online and tv commercials. Please take a moment to review the example provided. We look forward to hearing your music! Thank You!


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National Ad Campaign Needs Instrumentals

Looking for: Project HOPE helps organizations by providing non-profit 501c3s with the comprehensive marketing and branding plans to increase visibility, bring further awareness to their cause, and increase sponsorship revenue. We are looking for uplifting mid to uptempo instrumentals for their next online ad campaign. Please review the example provided and submit your music today! Thank You!

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Lisa Lopes Foundation Needs Music Producer

Looking for: The Lisa Lopes Foundation was established im memory of Left-Eye from the iconic female group TLC. For an upcoming promotional video, which will highlight some of the organization's philanthropic efforts, our client is looking for inspirational Hip-Hop and R&B music and instrumentals. Please see the examples provided and submit your purpose driven music soon. Thank You!

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Promo Campaign Needs Modern Uptempo Music

Looking for: Our Client, EWW is a nationally recognized 501c3, celebrating a milestone 15 Year Anniversary. Our client is looking for modern uptempo music for the upcoming event. Please review the examples provided and submit your music today! Thank You!

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New Series Seeks Dramatic Music!

Looking for: Ranger Danger is a story about mysterious happenings around a well known National park. The park is patrolled by a strange and unusual team of park rangers. For this new series, we are looking for dramatic instrumentals. Please see the example provided! Thank you!

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