Positive And Hopeful Songs And Instrumentals

Looking for: Positive and hopeful songs and instrumentals that can be soothing or energetic. They can be in a multitude of styles. Both instrumentals and vocal selections are welcome. The important thing is that the music conveys a sense of positive energy and has a good forward motion.

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Kids Fit Academy Needs Fun Music!

Looking for: Kids Fit Academy aims to knock out childhood obesity by offering boxing, fitness, and other sports for kid! We are looking for fun/happy instrumentals for their upcoming promotional run. Please review the example provided and submit your music soon! Thank You for your interest in this project!

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Uptempo Country Throwback A La Dwight Yoakam, Jon Pardi

Direct From Provider: We're looking for songs in the musical style of Dwight Yoakman with modern lyrics ala Brothers Osbourne and Jon Pardi. All tempos are welcome. A great vocal is a real plus. Instrumentation should reflect the tradition of the style of the request.

While we have some like music in our catalog it is not nearly enough for the requests we receive.

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Mood/Spa And Meditation Music

Direct From Provider: We are actively looking for Mood/Spa and Meditation tracks in a variety of styles, including mellow solo piano or guitar music and Electronic Ambient style. Possible subgenres can also include New Age, Native American, Celtic, Ambient and Bachelor Pad. Nice orchestrations are welcome, either lush or scaled down. Various ethnic sub genres may apply. This is geared towards airplay in certain retail stores that require a tranquility of atmosphere but also a positive energy.

We like these examples we've given but please leave the environmental elements (nature sounds, etc.)

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Underscores With Classical Undertones: Needed For Film And TV Licensing

Looking for: Underscores with Classical Undertones. This is a fairly wide-open call as it can encompass a range of Classical music genres and a variety of moods, from soft and somber to loud and boisterous. The music can have electric and electronic touches but should have some kind of Classical influence as well.

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New Romantic Comedy Needs Love Songs!

Looking for: The adult children, of a couple on the verge of divorce, send their parents on vacation in hopes of rekindling their romance. For this romantic comedy, currently in pre-production, our client is looking for love songs from all genres to be featured throughout the film! Please review the examples provided and feel free to be creative with your submissions! Thank You!

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Instrumental Cover Song Needed! (All Genres Welcome To Submit)

Looking for: DREAMTouch Agency, known for working with many of today's top recording artist, is looking to remake one of hip hop's classics. The UGK classic "Hi-Life" is the song looking to be remade as an instrumental. We are looking to demo a remake of the track with a modern day twist! Feel free to be as original as you wish!!! Thank you! We look forward to hearing your creativity!

The examples below may contain vocals, but please submit only similar-sounding instrumentals to this Opportunity.

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