2019 Hollywood Superhero Movie Needs Soundtrack And Scoring Compositions

Direct From Provider: 2019 Hollywood Blockbuster gathering soundtrack and scoring compositions for a major film franchise. We are the music supervisor for this project and would like to open it up for our Broadjam members. It's a Sci-Fi film and we are looking for compositions with a high energy futuristic sound!

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Classical Crossover Music

Looking for: Underscores with Classical Undertones. This is a fairly wide open call as it can encompass a range of crossover Classical music genres and a variety of moods, from soft and somber to loud and boisterous.

The music can have electric and electronic touches but should have some kind of Classical influence as well.

Underscore submissions should be tracks that can be have dialogue over it in a film or TV show over if necessary (not an overpowering melody line).

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Radio Show Is Looking For Intro Instrumental!

Looking for: STFU! Satellite Radio show with major guest like Cedric the Entertainer, Michael Blackson, Young Joc and many more comedy greats, your music will be part of an amazing platform. We ask that all music be similar to the example shown. There is also the opportunity for your music to become transition music as well! All profanity will be bleeped out, but you are welcome to submit. We thank you in advance for your submissions!

The examples below may contain vocals, but please submit only similar-sounding instrumentals to this Opportunity.

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New TV Show Dream Chasers Needs Theme Music!

Looking for: New Show "Dream Chasers" is currently in preproduction. This show about 6 people who meet online with the common interest to turn their dreams into reality. For this all new show, we are looking for theme music like the example shown to feature in our intro! We ask that all submissions be free of vocals. We thank you in advance for you submissions, and look forward to working with you!

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