Big Sweeping Cinematic Scores

Looking for: Big sweeping Cinematic scores with excellent orchestrations. If sampled orchestral instruments are used, they must sound realistic. Modern synth sounds are also OK to use as long as they are not cheesy. Can be of the Star Wars variety or the big sweeping vistas from movies like Out of Africa. Great sounding themes are encouraged. John Williams and Ennio Morricone are two composers who have written in this style.

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Calming, Pacifying, Soothing, Peaceful Music

Looking for: Music that is calming and pacifying. Open to a variety of approaches. Some electronic instruments are OK. Organic sounding arrangements are welcome. Some of the more popular artists in this genre would be Enya, Enigma, Mike Oldfield, Era, Secret Garden and Vangelis. Underscore and songs are both welcome, as well as both instrumental and vocal. Possible genres may include Classical, Electronic, Trance, Ambient, Soft Rock, R&B.

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Catalog For Advertising Agencies

Direct From Provider: RobotCityStudiosNYC is a world renown music production company producing artist from Mega Star Whitney Houston to Grammy Winning artist legend Paul Simon.

We have also produced many nationally run ads for companies like:
Soft Drink ads (KickStarter energy drink)

We are looking to do a 70% / 30% split with owner of selected material.

We are starting a wonderful catalog of music that stands out to our new and existing clients. We have unique relationships with may advertising production outlets constantly looking for great music.

All Genres/Styles Welcome!

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Brooding Music: Instrumental Or Vocal

Looking for: Music that gets under the hood with the thought process and broods and contemplates. Lyrics should reflect this emotional state. Instrumentals should have an arrangement that would make the viewer listener feel those emotions without having to see the video content.

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