NYC Film Company Seeks Big Songs for Promo Video!

Direct From Providere Looking for music for Promo Video for NYC Film Co. affiliated with Amazon, Discovery Channel, and HBO.

Vandergomes Film Co. shoots for film/tv, advertisements, and music videos.

Open to a wide range of genres, Instrumentals welcome, but please take a look at the examples of "big" songs.

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Pop Producers Needed!

Direct From ProvidereEducationally Speaking Learning Center Inc advocates for Student achievement by providing advancement opportunities for today's youth. We are currently looking for uplifting Pop, EDM, and House music for their new Advertising and Promotional campaign. We look forward to reviewing your submissions!

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Music With Antagonism, Fury, and Animosity

Looking for: Music catering to the emotions of antagonism, fury and animosity. For underscore, big fast tempos in addition to slow sinister tracks work. For instrumentals, heavy guitars could work very well. With vocal tracks, lyrics, instrumentation and feel should reflect the emotions desired by the provider.

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Modern Music With Big Band or Swing Influence

Looking for: Music which either replicates the performance or the feel of big band, swing or jump blues between 1920s and 1960s or is a more modern style arrangement as in Brian Setzer, etc. Instrumentals should not be too lengthy and should include emphasis on the various instruments used in that style. All tempos are welcomed.

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Wacky Music That Can Work For Branding Or Popular Taste

Looking for: Music which can generate various amounts and types of laughter among audiences. Any style of comical music is welcomed and appreciated. Tempo is not an issue for this listing as long as submissions contain some form of comedy in them. All welcome

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