Holiday Songs by Female Artists: Needed for Internet Radio Station

Would you like to hear your music alongside superstars like Sarah McLachlan, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood, Heart, Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos and more?

Award-winning Women of Substance Radio celebrates talented female performers of every genre with great songs. The music on this station is vocally excellent, has depth of character and emotion, and has lyrics that leave a lasting impression. WOS Radio has been around for 7 years as a 24/7 Internet Radio Station with a robust Desktop Player and a branded Mobile App for both Apple & Android Devices.

Our Holiday shows will air November 27 - December 25. The Podcast will feature all the Holiday music. Women of Substance Radio Podcast is a #1 New & Noteworthy Podcast that reached 100,000 downloads in just over 7 months!

We have many outlets for promoting our Indies like our Top 20, New Music Show, and Video Blog. Visit our website to find out more: or listen at or search for "Women of Substance" in your App Store.

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The Purse Foundation Needs Dramatic TV Commercial Music

Direct From Provider: The Purse Foundation is an organization that that brings awareness to domestic and dating violence across the country. Our client is looking for dramatic music that will help the audience feel the emotion that is to be portrayed in the commercial. Please refer to the example shown! Thanks!

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Pensive, Thoughtful, And Meditative Underscore Music: for Pitching to TV and Film

Looking for: Pensive and/or reflective music that can have a variety of orchestrations. Strings and plaintive woodwinds can be a plus. Added modern orchestration such as certain kinds of music and percussion loops is okay if used in context.

John Wiliams' Schindler's List soundtrack is one excellent example of the meditative and emotive music we are seeking. Ernest Gold and John Barry are also composers who do this well.

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Hip Hop Instrumentals Are Needed For New Comedy Show

Direct From Provider: Phat Comedy Is going global with STFU! Comedy Show! Phat Comedy is a promotions company that books for famous comedians like Cedric The Entertainer, Ronnie Jordan & More! For their US ad campaign, they are looking for exciting Hip Hop music! Commercial may also run on Comcast Cable along the SE coast of the US. We ask that all music fit the genre in the example provided. Thanks!

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Easy Listening, Mellow Music And Instrumentals

Looking for: Music that fits in to the Easy Listening/Beautiful Music category. This music is often used as background music, containing a softer sound.

Things should flow very nicely and strings and pads can be used for great effect, and the melodies should be simple and memorable.

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