Looking for Modern Hip-Hop Party Jams!

Looking for: Party-style Hip-Hop songs and instrumentals with male or female Vocals.

Open to a wide range of Hip-Hop styles, from modern Hip-Hop to Trap. Some upbeat, funkier Old School Hip-Hop and Soul could also work so long as it sounds modern and has ENERGY!

Looking for great energy and banging beats that get the party started! Iconic choruses and engaging hooks are a big plus. A great lyric with substance will go a long way.

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Rock Music Needed for Multiple Cable TV Shows

Looking for: Hard Rock/Classic Rock/Heavy Metal music for multiple cable TV shows. Can be either songs with vocals or instrumentals. Vocals must be clean!

We have already placed hundreds of songs on multiple reality TV shows and they're ALWAYS looking for more! So need is ongoing. If your music is used in a show, your earnings will show up on your royalty statement. To insure royalty payment, make sure you are a member of a performance rights society & that all submitted songs are registered with them.

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