New Property Series Needs Producers

Looking for: "Rooftop Reveals" is a new series that features the most extraordinary rooftops, penthouses, and views in the world's top cities! For this new series, our client is looking for new mid-tempo instrumentals. Please review the examples provided and submit your music today! Thank You In Advance!

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Songs About Thankfulness And Gratitude

Looking for: We're looking for Heartfelt, Acoustic-Based, Indie Singer/Songwriter-Style Songs in all tempos.

We want songs that are emotionally strong, heartfelt, sincere, warm, and express a feeling of gratitude and appreciation.

We want heartfelt, warmly sincere songs with an honest, touching vocal delivery and lyrics that have themes about expressing gratitude or appreciation.

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Currently Seeking “Beats” For Use In Tv & Online Advertising Campaigns

Looking for: Looking for tracks that are driven by a breakbeat, as one, if not the most dominant part of the track. Ie, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Electronica, EDM, Trap, Grime, Experimental etc.

We're looking for Phat grooves!

Vocal tracks will be accepted as well.

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Songs And Underscore Instrumentals With A Downhearted And/or Pensive Feel

Looking for: Underscore instrumentals with a downhearted and/or pensive feel that have a profound approach in conveying a certain disconsolation and contemplation that would accompany a media scene or situation trying to convey this type of feeling. The selections should have a subtle emotion and instrumental choices to support that.

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Exciting And Powerful Soundtracks And Songs

Looking for: In need of exciting, forward, bold songs and instrumentals for soundtrack and video game music. Guitars, timpani, powerful drums, big choirs, etc... and a variety of other tools can be implemented to achieve this effect. We're talking big, compelling and forceful.

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Pop, Hip Hop, & R&B Producers Wanted

Looking for: Beauty Beats is a mobile beauty boutique! Our client features exclusive professional makeup brands and services for all occasions! Our client is looking for pop, hip-hop & uptempo R&B music for their next series of online ads! Submit your music today! Thank You!

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Reality Dating Series Needs New Music

Looking for: "Love Me or Leave Me" is a new reality TV dating series currently in pre-production! Our agency is looking for fun instrumentals for this project! Your music will be used for transitions and background music on the show. We look forward to you submissions! Thank you in advance!

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